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Trove themed fan-art, images are uploaded by the user and can be assigned a category and various tags. All uploads must be your own original work.

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Rise of the Shadow Tower Update - Database Update

Etaew September 15, 2015 0 0

We've updated the Trovesaurus database for the Rise of the Shadow Tower Update.

Trove Console Beta Update 2

Trove Blog January 13, 2017 0 0

Last week we discussed a few of our plans for our console beta. Click here to read up on those plans. This week we’d like to share some of the amazing changes just on the horizon!

Trove Console Loot Collector & Inventory Upgrades

Trove Blog March 6, 2017 1 1

The launch patch arrives on March 14th and brings with it some major improvements to important User Interface (UI) systems. Your Inventory is going to get much cleaner and our updated Loot Collector is literally a game changer.

Darknik Dreadnought, plus new Shadow Tower Rewards!

Trove Blog July 28, 2017 4 11

Coming to a Shadow Tower near you with the Trove Eclipse is an epic upgrade that includes a new lobby, revamped reward system, and two new bosses! Join us on our July 28th livestream to get a look at what makes one of those bosses, the Darknik Dreadnought, tick with a dash of the new reward system for flavor.