Kick the tires of a new Supercycle mount and light the fires with a hot set of Wings – new Starter Packs have come to Trove! The packs are just $19.99 – a huge savings over individual items – and come in two distinct flavors:

The crowd-favorite Power Pack is stuffed with loot for new players, vets, and anyone with a need for speed:

2 Class Coins (Non-tradable)
Trovian Supercycle mount
Matching Trove Topper helm
Unyielding Flask and Trailblazer Flask
3 Pearls of Wisdom
2000 of each Primal Block

And a set of blazing Fire Wings (Available with February’s Take Flight update!)

Or scoop up a Class Pack for 5 Class Coins and unlock the Dracolyte, Gunslinger, Candy Barbarian – or any other classes you have yet to collect.