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PC – Depth Stepper – August 31, 2021

Dear Trovians,

After having the opportunity to test our new update on the PTS, it is now time to officially present to you our “Depth Stepper” update on PC.

Have you always dreamed of being able to select the BOSS or BIOME Delve that interests you most? Or a specific depth? This wish now comes true – with our “Depth Stepper” update.
Obtain the gateway you’re interested in by purchasing it from the Delves House in the Hub or crafting it at the Delve Workbench and dive into some of the most thrilling Delves in the world of Trove!

In addition, this update also comes with further changes, like the “Deepest Public Delve” ranking contests as well as some bugfixes.

Discover the mind-blowing content of the Depth Stepper update and dive into the deepest Delves!

The following patch notes are PC only. Here’s an overview of today’s update:

  • Depth Steppers are a new type of Delve Gateway available for craft & purchase in the hub!
  • After placing a Depth Stepper, the placing Player may interact with it to bring up a UI that allows them to manually set the starting Depth (usually between 23 and 110, but some adept Delvers may find they can start deeper, and many Depth Steppers have a minimum depth higher than 23).
  • Usually, when Depth Steppers point to a specific BOSS or BIOME you’ll see them within the first three tiers of the delve (i.e.: when the Shadowy Soul Vault appears), though some bosses may appear on floors following Shadowy Soul Vaults.
    • Each three floors thereafter also has an increased chance to spawn the BOSS or BIOME.
    • This increased chance to spawn will persist until a third-tier without the BOSS or BIOME is generated, at which point the Delve will send a message in the chat box, indicating that the BOSS or BIOME no longer has an increased spawn chance.
  • Personalized Chests can sometimes spawn in Depth Stepper Delves (on any floor), giving an opportunity for a second loot roll to a single player participating in the Delve. These chests can spawn for any of the players present, but will usually spawn first for whichever player placed the Depth Stepper.
  • Among other ingredients, crafting BOSS or BIOME Depth Steppers require 1x “Depth Stepper (Private Mode)” and 1x “Epic Condensed Memory”.
  • “Depth Stepper (Private Mode)” gateways can either be purchased from Rokatan for 600 Inert Geodes (limited to 5 per week), or from Gateway Gladys for 50 Credits (limited to 10 per week). These can also drop, albeit rarely, from Depth Stepper Delves of Depth 100 or greater.
  • Up to 6 Depth Stepper (Private Mode) Gateways can now be acquired each week by opening Shadowy Soul Vaults.
  • Depth Stepper (Private Mode) Gateways can now rarely be found inside Pressure-Locked Delver’s Caches.
  • “Epic Condensed Memory” is obtained when deconstructing Biome Mementos or Depth Steppers.
  • All BOSS Depth Steppers can be crafted all the time, whereas only 2 BIOME Depth Steppers are available to craft each day of the week.
  • BOSS Depth Steppers can be purchased from Gateway Gladys in the Delve building in the HUB for prices ranging from 100 to 150 Credits; Gateway Gladys does not currently sell BIOME Depth Steppers. Gateway Gladys can only be interacted with by players with Mastery Rank 50 or higher.
  • Glowing Crystalline Caches are newly available lootboxes which give out Freerange Electrolytic Crystals. These boxes can be acquired:
    • By opening Shadowy Soul Vaults in Delves (5 per Vault, 6 Vaults max per week)
    • By placing in the top ranks of many Delve Leaderboard Contests
    • By purchasing them from Shelbert the Crabacus, who is rarely found in Subnautic Passage Delves after the defeat of the boss (limited to 25 per week)
    • Very rarely as drops from creatures in Subnautic Passage Delves
  • In addition to Freerange Electrolytic Crystals, these boxes also rarely will drop Depth Stepper Gateways, 4 new allies, 1 new mount, and 2 new banner style recipes.
  • The Neon Ninja now generates a Shuriken whenever they use Shadow Flip.
  • Changed the way Revenant’s Spirit Spears movement speed debuff is applied. This should have no visible change.
  • Added a PVP trophy for Bards.
  • Added two new Delve related Leaderboard contests – Deepest Public Delve as a class and Deepest Public Delve with a class. Each week these will swap to a new class.
    • The contest for the Deepest Public Delve as a class measures how deep the player goes in public delves as that class.
    • The contest for the Deepest Public Delve with a class measures how deep the player goes in public delves while someone in the delve is playing that class.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent delve worlds from generating occasionally.
  • Boss Gateways will still have a chance of many bosses, but not at every loot level forever and ever.
  • The original Volcanic Vaults and Understack Gateways have had their appearances updated.
  • Boss-specific Gateway objects have had their appearances updated!
  • Reduced how often the Crack the Court biome shows up in Delves relative to other biomes.
  • Fixed the sounds for the female fae in the Crack the Court Delve; the caster has also been sent back to caster school and no longer fights as a melee character.
  • Coxcomb should no longer show up as a defeat creature requirement in Delves.
  • The Delve Gateway recipes for the Wildfae King, Wildfae Queen, and Wildfae Spider were erroneously giving mastery, they now give none like the other Delve Gateway recipes.
  • Minor fixes for the Party Island and Meadow Mover mag riders.
  • Updated the back right foot of the Peter Pirate Guineapig ally.
  • Fixed a typo in the Crown of the Leviathans Badge.

Have fun in Trove!

Best wishes,

Your Trove Team!

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