Discorn Shoot

[Pistol] [Medieval Highlands]

11 hours ago

by vdk2002 Home Files

The moment when your corn turns to pop corn



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Creation Status Changed to Active
by _FutureHero_ November,30 2022 20:50

Welcome to creations!
I love the corny puns and the weapon style is fun! ^^

Before we can approve this design there are a few things I would like to point out,

First, when you check the trove creations lint and export under the gun category it shows that your model is 'corner connected', this isn't a big issue and for your style it can easily be patched by filling in the inside of the gun. Most of the time you don't want to leave empty space inside of a model.

Second I think you might have accidentally made two voxels waxy instead of iridescent, they are near the base of the corn on both sides.

Last for future reference please place the blueprints in the files tab and name them accordingly to the item creationtype_creationname[CreatorsName]
In your case, it would be equipment_weapon_pistol_discorn_shoot[vdk2002]

Back to active for now, hope to see it again soon! ^^

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by vdk2002 November,24 2022 15:16
Cool!! I want to see it in the game!