Imprisioned Demon Sword

[Melee] [Dragonfire Peaks]

2 months ago

by Gato_Fachero_834653 Home Files

A sword forged in Dragonfire Peaks, which was wielded by a now-imprisoned demon.



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Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva July,30 2022 17:17


The sword looks nice! I like the shape a lot, especially that split on the end of the blade :)

There are over 950 various melee styles in game, but i believe your design is unique enough. 

There are a couple of things that could make this sword truly shine:

- Since you are aiming for the Dragonfire Peaks biome i would suggest to use some fiery orange colors together with that red on the blade. Currently it looks rather plain, while with some extra colors and shading it could add an eye-catching texture to it.

- The hand guard part of the hilt would need to be adjusted a bit. You can see it on your own screenshot - with the way it is now it pierces the shoulder of a knight. It does look fine on other classes, but it has to work good on all of them. Shortening the spikes and/or moving them further from the spot where the hand holds the sword should fix it.

- Last but not least - it could be good to try some Material Maps on this design. Material maps used to make voxels glow, shine like metal or be transparent like glass. You can find a guide to them over here > But please keep in mind that Maps can not overlap! If you tell one voxel to be Metal you can not assign a Glowing map to same voxel - game does not display things like Glowing Metal or Transparent Iridescent etc.

Im going to change the status of your creation to Active for now. Set it back to Needs Review if you upload changes to the model. If you would rather create something completely different - set the status of this one to Draft, it will free up a Creation Slot for something else. 

In any case, good luck!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Gato_Fachero_834653 July,25 2022 19:22