Baking Bittens

[Fist] [Candoria]

2 months ago

by asierbros Home Files

Baking a delicious fist just for you!

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Hello really thank you very much for paying attention to my design.  I did not realize that the glove was in a bad position and it seems to me a great detail that you have told me all these errors.  When I have time I will make some changes to solve the errors that you have told me and I will upload it again.  Thank you very much Ylva for helping me and telling me all these mistakes. :╩)
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by Ylva March,26 2022 21:35


Haha i like this design a lot! Really cute idea and the colors are just perfect for it :) Great job on the texturing too!

Fists seem to have proper sized, but they are facing a bit of a different way than i would expect them to.

Im going to use an in-game styles Claws of Clarity for the following example.

They are facing /left/ in the editor, which in game turns to be the back side of Vanguardiants fists.  If you rotate your design once on Y axis it should place the pink-blue on the same size, making it so the white would be on the inside.

Same fists on Bard: on the left are Claws of Clarity, on the right is current design.

I guess its fine if it is intended to be that way, but i believe the fist style would read much better as baking mittens if it was rotated.

Now, if it is rotated it would no longer fit the dimensions, unfortunately. But it seems like moving the thumb part onto the white side could be a solution to that. Rough example below. You absolutely do not have to do it the way im suggesting here, im sure you can come up with something better :)


Last but not least - some of the blocks (thumb) on the current design are not physically connected to the rest of the mitten - ones with the light blue outline on the image below. Everything needs to be a part of one full model (aside from the pink Attachment Point, but only on fists/hats/faces). Luckily in your case you can add a couple extra voxels on the inside to connect this part to the rest of the model without them being visible from the outside :) 

Im going to change status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review once you upload changes. If you would rather create something completely different - you could change the status of this one to Draft. That will hide it from the public list and will free up a slot for another creation.

Hoping to see this design on Review again, but good luck in any case!

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by asierbros March,24 2022 22:39



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