Twin Fae guns

[Pistol] [Fae Forest]

Needs Review
1 week ago

by ChtiClem Home Files

Flavor text : "These Faes are craving for revenge ! They'll help you, imbuing their powers in the crystal rods they cling onto !"

This was my previous creation back in 2016, from Reddit. Approved but, seems to me, never included in Trove.

reddit link :

Hoping it's still good for you :)

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Ylva Creations Team
7 days ago


Gun is looking pretty great :) Glad you brought it back to creations, i cant find it in available styles database either.

Seeing that it was accepted on reddit back when Kungfuquickness was around i do have to ask:

- do you remember Creators Name that you requested to be on this style? i mean, if it was not ChitiClem

- did you receive any reward for getting this style accepted? you should ve gotten some credits (as ingame store currency) and a [Construction Hat] promo hat style applied to your account for getting style accepted.

Please use a reply button on my message so i would get a ping.

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by ChtiClem November 20, 2021



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ChtiClem 1 week ago