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Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva November,13 2021 18:45


Sorry for the delay.

Fist design looks pretty nice, colors really do feel cold :) We dont have that many fist styles in game, i think there is some room to improve the design and make it more attention-catching.

There are also some structural issues that would need to be fixed. Lets go over them first. I will be comparing your design to Claws of Clarity in-game fist style since it uses max allowed dimension for Fists.

Currently your fists are pointing down when equipped on Vanguardian, rather than pointing somewhat inwards. This is happening because your design has its front pointing other way. Please rotate it.

Also, please keep an eye on dimensions used. maximum for a fist is 6 wide, 5 deep and 9 tall. Attachment point has a fixed location and dimensions can not be shifted. If we match location of attachment points and compare sizes with current rotation we ll have this:

Which means, on the 6-wide side its all good, but a point of claw sticks out on 5-deep side, and on 9-tall side there is one extra line of voxels too.

Another thing, there should be no floating or corner-connected voxels. Currently all claw blades have corner connected parts, please make sure everything is solid. For example, those 3 corner connected voxels are highlighted with yellow on the Left image, and on the Right image you can see some orange blocks connecting all corner-connected parts together.

As for visuals, items in Permafrost usually have some shining or transparent snow/ice. In Trove we use Material Maps to make voxels shiny, glowing or transparent like glass. You can find detailed guide to that over here > , give it a try :) Please keep in mind that  material maps can not overlap, one voxel can not be mapped Glowing (on Type map) and Metal (on Specular map) since Trove can not render Glowing-Metal blocks, its either Glowing or Metal.

Im going to change status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review once you upload changes. If you would rather create something completely different - you could change the status of this one to Draft. That will hide it from the public list and will free up a slot for another creation :)

In any case, good luck!

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Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by YT_FireFox November,05 2021 12:57