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2 weeks ago

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Im back with another version of the seagull helmet. (picture of the knight)

I kept everything in mind I got told by Ylva.

1) I made the model more blocky.

2) I made the beak smaller, it is 7 voxel long now.

3) I tried to edit the attach point so It would fit perfect on the characters head in game, so I really hope it works correct this time.

Oh by the way, im not sure if this is the right way to edit you model, so sorry if it is the wrong way :S I wanted to add another image but I don't know how :(


Anyways, I hope the changes of this model are good.

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Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva June 23, 2020

Hello again!

Edits looking great, that seagull is blocky, chubby, Trovian and fits in the box :D

Happy to approve!

For images, next to Edit and Home buttons on your Creation page there is Images button, you can add, remove and 'set image as featured' (first image someone sees when opens the creation page).

Also, we require a Blueprint of creation uploaded to Files tab (right next to images) so devs could easily download, check and put in creations in game. Blueprints should be named accordingly to Trove file-name standards. For most of the styles its styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint (so the sword blueprint for example will be named sword_epic_slasher[TrovePlayer01].blueprint), but with helmets devs asked for a full file name, and so in your case it is equipment_helm_full_seagull[Thibochoco].blueprint.

This time around i ve uploaded a blueprint of your helmet made from the files in your latest Troxel link, but it saves me time if creators upload files themselves :)

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Thibochoco June 20, 2020
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva June 20, 2020


Oh my, what an awesome seagull helmet! Loving the colors and shading, very bright, colorful and reads so well. Very impressive for a first creation ever, you have some great skills, well done :D

Unfortunately, i cant approve it right away. All creations have to fit within a bounding box (maximal possible dimensions) around the Attachment Point - pink voxel that tells there game where to place the model. That ensures that models work for all classes/costumes and do no pierce/clip through them during animations.

For helmets it is roughly 26x 26z 21y but filling that completely would be huge and will clip with everything.

Currently your model is 27z long, which makes it much longer than it could be. On top - helmet template and its bounding box, with matched APs location though the beak is 5 voxels longer than it could be.

I tried to fit your design in the dimensions and came up with this, but its still not perfect and im sure you can make a better looking one :) (i had reduce size of the head itself to make smaller beak look proportional)

You ve made a very good model, but for Trove it could be good to simplify some busy shapes and make them more blocky. It doesnt have to be completely square, that would be just boring, but models with fewer voxel corners look cleaner in game.

Last but not least, currently the AP is located 1 voxel more to the left than i should be, which makes the helmet position in game misaligned.

Please make sure the AP location and dimensions are correct.

Going to set status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review if you upload changes to your model :) If you d rather work on something completely different, you could set status to Draft, that will free up a creation slot for another style (but i very much do want to see this one on review again!).

In any case, good luck!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Thibochoco June 18, 2020






Needs Review




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This Creation was Approved by Creation Moderators and is waiting to be considered by Trove Developers for Acceptance.


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Ylva 2 weeks ago

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Thibochoco 3 weeks ago

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Ylva 3 weeks ago

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