Delve Key Mold


6 days ago

by Dikoz Home Files

Delve Key Mold for new keys

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by Dikoz March 25, 2020
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva March 25, 2020
Ylva Creations Team
6 days ago


I absolutely love the idea of introducing new things that match other new things :P However, workbenches are not something i am allowed to approve through Creations, it might be better if you post it as a Mod and submit to Devs if you are aiming that way.

If you were planning for this to be just a decoration, lets say Sunseeker-themed or Radiant, it could totally be a thing, but it needs to be resized.

Decorations must be 12x12x12 voxels, they do not get scaled down like Workbenches and some other interactive objects, which means your model of 21x24x19 exceeds allowed dimensions by quite a lot.

Going to set the status of this one to Active, you could set it to Draft if you go the modding way. Set it to Needs Review again if you upload smaller deco version :)

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Dikoz March 24, 2020






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