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Commented on Dread Scientist Mask creation

Hi there!

The mask is looking great, i love the shape of it.

Could you please use a color that is different from the Glowing Solid (Type) for the eyes? If the material map colors are used on the main .qb they could potentially cause issues when converted to a blueprint (you can still use that color on the material map _t.qb ofc!)
Something like 250.10.10 instead of 255.0.0 would work - and a difference would not even be noticeable to the eye.

Alternatively, it could be nice if this mask matched the Mad Scientist costume for a pirate captain - so may be a deep purple color could work for the eyes?


Im going to change the status of this creation to Active, but hoping to see it back on review with a slightly different shade of red (or purple! or any other color) :)