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Commented on Contemporaneous Carcharodontosaurus Helmet creation


Usually an approved creation stays approved because both the creator and moderators have spent time on getting it to an Approved stage, and most importantly the Developers might have already been evaluating the Approved creation to add it, so i would rather not interrupt the process.

However, it was my fault that i approved it right away without giving you a chance to process feedback, so i think it could be reasonable to allow edits. That would mean that the creation goes back to Active and would need to go through Review again before it could reach Approved. Would you prefer this option? If the changes you want to make are very drastic, it might be better to upload a new helmet creation instead.


Also, there is a Creation Contest running during the whole March - create a Cake dungeon room for the upcoming Sunfest event - check it out, may be you would like to participate :)