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Locked Adventurine Strongbox is a reward for completing Trovian Adventure quests. The problem with that statement is quests that were added since it was implemented are also marked with a yellow exclamation but don't have a chance at dropping a Locked Adventurine Strongbox, and may not award the appropriate amount of experience, like Delve Adventure quests, and the Bomber Royale Adventure quest. The Delves and Bomber Royale (already green) quests are something else, so I'd suggest them be green (event daily quests) instead of yellow (adventure quests), and I don't mean cyan (geode quests). and I'd rather them not count against the 20 trovian daily limit $ActivityNPCAdventuresDescEmpty; Look for Agents marked by yellow exclamation points at Adventure Outposts on Trove to find Agent Adventures! Use /adventurerewards to see your daily adventure rewards progress. The Agency allows up to 20 Trovian Adventures to be completed per Trovian per day. For backround info on what yellow exclamation points are supposed to be.