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Commented on Eggshell Contest - EggShark - 1/5 Dungeon (1 Star) creation


Good to see this shark again, thanks for fixing that blueprint!

It looks like everything is correct from the point of structure and dimensions, good job :)

Being able to see the shell from the back side - i believe it could use some details on its back. At the moment it is a bit too simplistic and it can be hard to tell what sort of egg is it. Just a little bit more color and may be a back fin or some other detail could be a finishing touch that this shell needs :)

Rough example of what i mean as 'empty back space'.

Also, because of this design i had someone asking me if representation of blood is allowed - no it is not. That falls under family-friendly rule.

However! I believe in your shell design you used that red as gums and insides of the sharks mouth. That said, i do think it could be good to recolor that bright red into something closer to pink so it would not be as easily confused with blood.

Last but not least, the creators name on the blueprint, your username on Trovesaurus and your in-game name must be the same. That is needed for Developers to properly reward creators accounts, if the shell gets accepted. Which name do you use in game, [Petspark] or [Mrpetspark]

We will surely count the current design for the Participation reward, but if you wish to get it Approved and possibly implemented in game - please do work on it just a tiny bit more :)

I am going to change the status of this one to Active. Hoping to see it  on review again!