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Commented on Eggshell Contest - Unwrapped Egg - 4/5 Dungeon (1 Star) creation


This is so good, i absolutely love the idea and design :D Really well done.

Purple version would be my favorite. If you would like to, you could post the red one as your next entry, but in that case i would suggest to apply some more changes to it like a different sort of chocolate for example. Pure dark or sweet white instead of classical milk chocolate, i mean :)

Approving PURPLE one. Let me know if you will be posting Red as other creation, i will remove screenshots of Red from this post.

If you would like to post another eggshell - please use the 5/5 counter in the name. Please keep in mind that it would be your last possible entry for this contest.

Ps. I keep forgetting to tell you, you only need to upload .blueprint files , there is no need for .qb :)