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Commented on Eggshell Contest - Rocket Egg - 2/5 Dungeon (1 Star) creation


Now this is really creative! Looks like it fits in the dimensions, good job :) 

I had to ask Developers about this and few other egg shells. While it is truly beautiful, creative and well-made, it is getting rather close to stop being recognizable as a Bunfest Egg from the first sight. If such a design spawns in Neon City for example, players could easily confuse it with regular non-event dungeon as it looks more like a Rocket rather than an Egg.

That said, i will approve this one, but if you would like to make more - please keep in mind that shells must still be recognizable as Bunfest Eggs.

If you would like to post another eggshell - please use the 3/5 counter in the name.