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Commented on Gruesome Edge Melee creation

Ylva Creations Team
5 days ago


Good to see returning creators :)

Over the past 5+ years the guidelines for creations changed a bit. For instance, the floating and corner-connected blocks are not allowed anymore. On this design the whole skull part is considered floating. Just for the note, connecting parts with absolutely transparent glass blocks doesnt count.

We are also trying to push for less flat shapes with more volume and weight to them, those would fit better with current art direction of Trove. You could check out the latest guide for styles here > 

Another thing, im not sure if those were available for creators back in the days, but now we can make use of Material Maps - those are used to make blocks glow, be transparent like glass or shine like metal  > . Please keep in mind that Maps can not overlap, a voxel that is mapped like Metal can not have transparency of glass or a glow at the same time.

This sword design of yours looks really solid and well-made, but if you look through the swords that are already available for player you could see that quite a lot of them are featuring similar blade shape and 'gruesome-ness' . It is easier to get a melee approved if its a hammer or other sort of blunt weapon and is designed to fit a biome with fewer melee styles available.

I am going to set the status of your creation to Active for now. If you upload an updated version of this sword - set it back to Review. If you would rather create something completely different - set the status of this one to Draft, that will remove it from the list and will free up a slot for another creation.

In any case, good luck!