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Posted on Grill Decoration creation

Ylva Creations Team
1 week ago

Hello again!

Glad you liked my suggestions. Nicely done on color choices, they much brighter and more convincing :D

Thing about shading though, it might not be that noticeable but it really does add depth and volume to voxels. With limited space we get, we have to make a full use of colors.

Quick (and definitely not best) mockup of shading on the right lid, back is darker, font is lighter. Something like that could work for the grill body too, on legs and wheels it might be excessive though.

I strongly suggest you try to use some Material Maps . They are used to make things glow, be transparent, shine like metal etc. I think that metal quality could really be great on them grill legs and handles.

Please keep in mind that Material Maps can not overlap, if one voxel is mapped as Glowing or Glass it can not be Metal, same other way around.

Back to Active for a bit, good job so far :)