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Commented on Grill Decoration creation

Hello and welcome!

Oh i love the idea, we are definitely missing some bbq appliances! Good job on fitting it into the 12x12x12 too :)

While it is a nicely done deco, i believe there is still some room for improvement. How would you feel about making the grill body itself somewhat bigger? To make it less about the legs and more about the cooking space. Also using a diagonal placement of blocks is usually not recommended. In game that looks very busy or even messy. Going for more bulky shapes works better for end result.

Another thing, while black and metal colors are indeed classical and expected for bbq grill, for bright and silly Trove style it would be better to use somewhat more color. Nothing too extreme ofc.

I made a quick edit based on your model and suggestions above. It is only meant as possible inspiration, you do not need to copy it all. You could use some solutions or ideas if you want to :)

Your model is on the left, model on the right side has bigger grill body, dark blue instead of pitch black (brighter blue for the lid) and heat meter for color splash. It is still quite far from perfect and could use some love and shading (darker colors where there is no light and brighter where there is light).

Going to set the status of your creation to Active for now, do set it back to Review if you upload any changes to your model :) If you d rather post something completely different instead you can always set it to Draft, that will remove your creation from the list of Active and will free up a creation slot.

Hoping to see this deco on Review again, but good luck in any case!