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Posted on Fire_Gem_Staff Staff creation

Hello and welcome :)

What a cute staff, i very much like the shading on the gem, looks very real!

Unfortunately, i do need to make sure things that are getting approved are unique designs and ideas. That means even if idea that already has a in-game representation has been re-made better and nicer, i still wont be able to approve it. 

I understand your staff features actual Trovian empowered fire gem, but there are already quite some simple-staff-with-red-gem designs: Carnelian-Capped Cane, Di-Beryl Baton and Flameweaver's Wand, possibly more.

May be you would be able to make it more unique? For example with making main gem bigger gem and/or adding more gems of different size, or fancier shaft with more metallic elements, or some unusual shape? There are endless possibilities :)

Now for the technical side, your model needs an Attachment point, a voxel colored with 255,0,255 RGB. That thing marks the spot for where a character in game would hold your staff, or where a leg would be attached to the body of a mount etc etc. Each model has one and only one Attachment point and that tells the game where to put it.

Check the Staff Creation Guide for more help about placement of AP. Also, you can use Lint and Export button in Troxel, pick a type of your style, click on that and it will highlight any technical issues, if there are any.

Going to set status of this creation to Active for now, change it back to Needs Review if you upload any changes :) If you d rather work on something completely new instead, you could always change status to Draft, that will remove your post from the list of Active and will free up a creation slot.

In any case, good luck!