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Posted on [Mount] Stronghold Smasher

TechnoShyft 9 months ago

This is so freaking amazing dude! I love every bit of it, there are just so many details that come together to create a mech of pure awesomeness. The ram head ram is so well done, and the fire VFX you gave it is very impressive for (what I assume is) your first VFX mod! The spike rings throughout the legs also give it a really fierce look. I also really like the wood planks you made for the texture of the body. The one thing I have to suggest is to simplify the feet a bit, as the front two claws are a little messy. Something smaller and with less edges might make it look a bit cleaner. Otherwise, I have to say, this has to be one of my top favorite of all your mods, if not my top favorite of yours! Fantastic job Magic!

MagicMate 9 months ago

Thanks a lot Techno, I'm happy you like it so much. Actually, I've worked with VFX a bit before (the minibike mount uses slightly modified assets of other mounts), I just couldn't properly scale down the flame Gourdzilla has (but I think it'll do). I'll see what I can do about the feet, I was struggling with it a little, I was trying to go for a hoof-like look which might or might not turned out as I wanted to.

Thanks again for the kind words! =) 


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