Cadeliwyr PC

A modern city style club

A club on PC. Ranked #306/1489 by number of reported props.

Club Charter

The following is the club charter, which likely contains the rules of the club.

Subject Rule


there is no profanity filter as such in the club chat but if offensive/racial slurs is strictly unacceptable 

The club ranks

he initial promotion is based on the time spent in the club as a member, further promotion is based on whether you want to build in the club or not. ||  Begging for promotion/ troubling someone builds will not get you immediately kicked


If you are accepted as a builder in the club, would still not give you the free permission to build, every build must be supported with a rough sketch to help complete if u choose to abandon the build. Abandoning/ inactivity without letting a trusted member (officer or higher) will cost oneself, their rank


Tampering with already constructed structures and griefing will cause the player to be immediately kicked and banned from the club



If you want to join this club, the following information has been provided:

no requirements particularly needed for membership, although if want to build it ia required that you can make modern/ futuristic building and in need of interior designing. both architecture and design will be tested