Dino Tamer

An accidental traveller of both space and time, the Dino Tamer uses their knowledge of science and technology to survive in an inhospitable primitive world. The Dino Tamer uses ranged attacks consisting of hunting nets, tranquilizer darts and dinosaur allies to defeat foes.


Clever Snare

Throws a sticky net which roots, energy drains and damages enemies within its area over time. Hold button for larger nets that last longer and can be thrown farther. Primary dart attack refreshes the net.


Dino Mount

Ride a special dinosaur mount that increases damage & run speed, adds splash damage to your main attack, a stun to your mount when you call a Dino Buddy and makes all Clever Snare nets max size!


Dino Buddy

Throws a piece of meat on the ground which summons a random dinosaur to fight nearby enemies. Dino Buddies last 22 seconds.




Dino Buddy Food

Killing an enemy with a Clever Snare debuff applied will yield meat that clears the cooldown on the Dino Buddy ability.


Dino Time

Empowered Water Gem for the Dino Tamer. Increases the duration of the ultimate ability, 'Summon Dino Mount.' Increases the attack speed of the ultimate ability, 'Acid Spit Projectile.' Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.

Empowered Hunting Dart

Empowered Water Gem for the Dino Tamer. Changes the Hunting Dart from one dart to three. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.