Power Ranger Dino Tamer !!!

Dino Tamer build by JohnyKevin added 2 years ago.

- Canbe call DT. - Using Gun ( magic dmg for sure :| ) - Doesn't need Energy Stat. - Good DPS also deal AOE dmg. - Need Cooldown stat.


Leveling, Shadow Towers, Farming, Damage,

Easy farming cause of AOE dmg form Ultimate and M2.

Stat Priority

Can replace Critical hit stat by Magic find stat if u want to have more chance to get good item.

Magic Damage

Critical Damage

Critical Hit

Attack Speed


If have enough Critical chance (100% Crit hit) with gem . Can replace crit chance Stat (on Face or Ring) by jump Stat . TRY HARD : -replace %HP stat on hat by Magic find stat if u want to have more chance to get good item. -replace Crit chance stat on ring by Magic find stat if u want to have more chance to get good item.


Max Health

Critical Damage

% Max Health

Attack Speed


Magic Damage

Critical Damage

Critical Chance

Attack Speed


Max Health

Critical Damage

Magic Damage

Attack Speed


Magic Damage

Critical Chance

Ally and Flasks

Also can use Prefect Penguin if you want more survival. TRY HARD: can using Cotton candy or Shock if u want to have more chance to get good item.

  • +20% Magic Damage
  • Redcues cooldown time by 25%

Flask : - Chaos Vial ( well if u feel god of luck beside with you ). - Death-Defying Vival ( if u don't have good Ping in this game). - Elysian Bandolier ( more flask more x2 dmg ). - Vial of Minion Multilipcation (TRY HARD :if u have a lot of magic dmg and more than 80% crit hit . Should go with Evil Eye Emble . Also Master Magician's Emble if u want more allies :) ) Emblem: #1 : Really need for sure. Emblem: #2: - Berserker Emblem ( + atk spd move spd, auto basic atk but ultra burst dmg , use it when u are using Ultimate ) (need crit hit more than 90%). - Surestrike emblem: ( + 20% crit hit , use when you have crit chance lower than 80%). - Vampire emblem: ( drain heath , for sure if u need more survival). - Chronomantic Emblem: the Best way to clear 3 stage of the Shadow tower (using it when you have class gem . TRUST ME M8 XD . IT WORTH XD.)

This vial will restore 20% your health and will trigger a random effect. 

  • Deal 250% normal magic damage for 3 seconds
  • +50 Attack Speed
  • +40 Movement Speed
  • Disables abilities and forces auto-attack for duration of effect

Empowered Gems

Best for AOE dmg. Stat : Magic dmg , Crit dmg , crit chance for sure :|

Dino Time

Empowered Water Gem for the Dino Tamer. Increases the duration of the ultimate ability, 'Summon Dino Mount.' Increases the attack speed of the ultimate ability, 'Acid Spit Projectile.' Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.

Explosive Epilogue

Empowered Water Gem for any class. Killing enemies causes them to explode. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time. This gem has a cooldown.

Stinging Curse

Empowered Water Gem for any class. Dealing damage applies damage-over-time effects to enemies. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.


Strong :
- Time effect of Ultimate is the longest of Trove game (will have more time if you have class gem) .
- M2 skill is very effective when you are in effect of Ultimate (don't need time to cast).
- Can summon a Dino Buddy with stun effect . If god of luck beside you , you can summon three of them <3.
- Good at survival cause of ranger class . Also deal AOE dmg.
- Strong at First level also Maximum level does.
- Very need Ultimate to make burst dmg but Ultimate have a long cooldown time :(.
- Dino Buddy will make an random choice :((. Also Dino Buddy can't be effective with a strong Boss (can be destroy after 2 or 3 boss hit). One more thing, they will auto-atk any mobs they like . We can't control them :v.
- Double tick on number #2 can make u lost you Ultimate . GG !!! :)
- Can using wings when in Ultimate Effect . So you need to turn off Ultimate Effect or can be an Alan Walker <3.
( Dino Buddy : Skill #1 . Ultimate : Skill #2 ) 


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