Cursed ValeBiome

Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Elite difficulty (Power Rank 100). This biome is made up of abandoned houses, cursed tombs, and unsettling catacombs. It is a native homeland of the Tomb Raiser. Wildlife here known as "the wild death", you will meet skeletons, zombies and wraiths over here. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Undead styles and Cursed Vale deco recipes. The only place to obtain the Somber Soul, one of the few biomes to collect Enchanted Wood from. During autumn events Pumpkin lairs full of Pumpkin spawn here.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Cursed Vale has no distinct sub-biome. Aside from Adventure worlds Cursed Vale appears as The Fractured Land in Cursed Skylands (Air Gem World, starts at Uber-5 difficulty, power rank 900) and as Haunted Isled in Drowned worlds (Water Gem World, starts at Uber-3 difficulty, power rank 550).

Cursed Vale has mostly flat terrain with rare canyons. Spacy caves underneath are gloomy and full of mushrooms. Sometimes biome also appears with bumpy rock formations all over.

Cursed Vale Terrain 1

Cursed Vale Terrain 2

Cursed Vale Terrain 3

Cursed Vale Terrain 4

The Fractured Land 1

Haunted Isles