Forbidden SpiresBiome

Found in Adventure Worlds starting at lowest difficulty, but has dedicated world at Uber-6 difficulty (Power Rank 1200). Eastern-styled biome with flooded plains, bonsai trees and tall spires. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Forbidden Spires themed styles together with Forbidden Spires deco and framework recipes. The only biome to find  Cinnabar, Fiery Feather and Sagely Blue Dragonscale.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Forbidden Spires can be divided between plains and hills, however they are not separate sub-biomes. Biome doesnt appear in Gem-specific adventure worlds. In forbidden spires you can find broad plains with shallow rivers and lakes. Most of plains are filled with natural stone structures - spires. Hilly part of biome has large stones and bamboo forests.

Forbidden Spires Terrain 1

Forbidden Spires Terrain 2

Forbidden Spires Terrain 3

Forbidden Spires Terrain 4