Medieval HighlandsBiome

Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Novice difficulty (Power Rank 0). This biome is made up of once great castles and forts that are now infested by bugs and fungi. Knight class originates in this biome. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Highlands styles and Medieval Highlands deco recipes. This biome has most bees, mushrooms and bugs so its a good place to hunt for  Honeybreeze Dragon Egg Fragment Mushroom Chunk and  Sticky Ichor.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Medieval Highanlds have no distinct sub-biome. Aside from Adventure worlds Medieval Highanlds appear as The High Lands in Cursed Skylands (Air Gem World, starts at Uber-5 difficulty, power rank 900) and as Leafy Archipelago in Drowned worlds (Water Gem World, starts at Uber-3 difficulty, power rank 550).

This biome has a classical fantasy look. Bright green grass, tall trees, old castles all over the place. Terrain cn be devided into three groups: first - vast plains with sparse trees and stones; second - 'fjords', same plains but riddled with rivers and third - sky-high mountain hills. Caves are found under plains. In Cursed Skylands biome appears as scattered flat islands with occasional lakes, in Drowned worlds biome shows up as elevated islands and flat rocky shores.

Medieval Highlands Terrain 1

Medieval Highlands Terrain 2

Medieval Highlands Terrain 3

Medieval Highlands Terrain 4

Medieval Highlands Terrain 5

The High Lands Terrain 1

Leafy Archipelago 1

Leafy Archipelago 2