couldnt spend much time detailing due to irl stuff so this is what it is so far ... will prob update it soon but for now im happy with this

The biome dragon fire peaks with 2, 1* dungeons and a 3* dungeon. 


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Delicious 1 week ago

As much as this is an interesting piece, this seems more of a screenshot and not your usual work of putting your own originality into it. I may be wrong, but I'm really having a difficult time trying to not see it as a screenshot... :-( 

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TheMustardCat 5 days ago

i completely understand your point of view, I had to fall back on making it look like this as I did for the neon city biome as a lack of time or ideas. but yes I do agree it looks too much like a screenshot than something I would normally do

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Etaew 5 days ago

Just a note that this was submitted with about 2 weeks until the end of the contest, I think the time was generous :)

TheMustardCat 16 hours ago

it was indeed but like i said due to exams i didnt want to spend too much time on it


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