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Oh wow, 3 years already! I found out the site back when Trove was still in beta, it was because of a giveaway of the Lunar Ronin... Even though I don't play Trove that much anymore (laaag), I still use the site to catch up on updates, and maybe find something that will interest me to go play again (well that and I update a guide here from time to time).

The site already implemented Dark mode so I'm happy (or maybe cleaning up the tags at 'Guides' section bc there are some duplicates).

Most of my classes' costumes are from the giveaways of this site so I'll always be grateful for that lol. Here's to another year and happy birthday Trovesaurus!

P.S. I love this page, it's a great help for inactive players

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Qubesly Loading Screen

9 months ago

Welp not anymore! At least until I finish adding the points thingy in the Gems part of the guide...

I just realized I was replying to 5 month-old comment ._.

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Sibling Fun

12 months ago

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Selfie !

12 months ago

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Sorry for the late reply, I don't play Trove as much as before but here goes..

  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I did meant to type: "50% chance you catch a ~~Pink~~ Blue Candish instead" I have edited the guide to fix this.
  2. I was unaware of that info, I'll add that as well.

Glad to know that my guide was able to help you ^_^

I know, I know there's already a fishing guide but this one's different because of my personal quirks (at least that's what I consider them XD). Let's be honest here, fishing is like the most boring thing you can do at Trove. Who wants to watch their character stand around and wait for a catch? But it can also be rewarding after obtaining stuff you can get from fishing.

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been experiencing lag since Beta :^)

I rarely play Trove anymore

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