What does being black have to do with this giveaway?

A Realistic Trotting Otter, made by me!

Qubesly after being injured in a dungeon. Text that follows this image will teach you how to use flasks and emblems.

I really enjoy the amount of player created content that is implemented into the game, it really makes you seem more connected to the game and the developers

I feel like first place was chosen poorly, but gg anyways

It states in the post that photoshopped images are not permitted, so I assume that you cannot photoshop anything.

Just read some people's reviews - I absolutely love how everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) ranks Fae Trickster as the worst class

Why are they the same model devs?

Avarem looks in disbelief as Palashien emerges from the Porter-Potty.

Ayy I got second tier

This kinda just looks like a tracing of the Neon Ninja photo. 

This is outstanding, I'm definitely losing to this one. Good job dude!

Of course I don't get one. GG to all those who got lucky.

This was done in like 45 minutes so it's not the best

Are all of those photos under the contest photos of Dopesheet? I haven't done one of these yet.

Neato, when I first discovered I could get a free mount I looked here and they just restocked 


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