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How to Flask

4 months ago

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 4 months ago

I really enjoy the amount of player created content that is implemented into the game, it really makes you seem more connected to the game and the developers

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2394/positivity-fortnight

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Dubstep Duo

6 months ago

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 6 months ago

It states in the post that photoshopped images are not permitted, so I assume that you cannot photoshop anything.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2306/community-draws-junebug

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 6 months ago

Just read some people's reviews - I absolutely love how everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) ranks Fae Trickster as the worst class

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2304/class-feedback--rankings

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Selene and Palashien??

6 months ago

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Avarem and Palashien

6 months ago

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 7 months ago

This kinda just looks like a tracing of the Neon Ninja photo. 

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/art=2613/sketch-of-dopesheet

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 7 months ago

This is outstanding, I'm definitely losing to this one. Good job dude!

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/art=2599/d0p3

Uploaded Art

cartoonmichael (PS4/EU) 7 months ago

Are all of those photos under the contest photos of Dopesheet? I haven't done one of these yet.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2271/community-draws-dopesheet

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