the colouring of the dino's is done by cutting out photos from magazines my friend. It is a collage made by hand...

Happy Birthday Evil, may u always be creative and surprise us with yr new evil dungeons, costumes, mounts etc etc and find and share inspiration in yr own evil way.  Hugs Swift

maybe dear peeps, we cld give something, instead of asking for stuff. Support the site, so it will go on for many more 3-some years, it does already so many give-aways

Thanks all for taking part in the contest for my birthday, you were all amazing, and I must say it was a very difficult choice I had to make. In my opinion u all win. Many hugs

it is all good, Ender_140, the classes are all part of my character. The swifts were the inspiration for my name, but I love my chloro as a class very much

cool job, looks great ^^

For people to find it strange to see a bird here, a swift is a kind of swallow, sleeps in dark places (chimneys etc) hence my name. Love the swifts love trove, love building, and wld love to see clubs 2.0 coming soon, and........ cake for everyone on May 10th, hugs

thanks Ted, for this interview and for all the things u hv done behind and in front of the screens in regard to Trove.

Rgds Swiftnightshadow

adorable llamas, as are the creators of them. We do hv a lot of talent here. great job all,keep designing

love the kiwi t shirt, although all I hv seen so far are great

this is so good made, I love it

This is really beautiful Blackie, I was already impressed by yr griffon. May u be always succesful in yr creativity


No description entered

For sure check out the link at the end of the interview.

Thanks for all the work u hv done, we are enjoying it every day. Keep going.

it is a portrait made on pc, made from a photo I found on the net, but the painting is 100% done by me. The photo was royalty free, I made sure of that

Congratulations to all winners, u are all awesome

Thank u Evil for showing Oracle, as I wrote elsewhere the building issue has kept me in Trove since beta, and I am still enjoying myself building. For me it is not big, bigger, biggest, but find inspiration in the smallest things,something I read, something I saw goinf for a walk, something I would like to do, or see or be dreaming about. I hear so many people being bored, that is not something I hv ever felt, so much to do and find out. I am trying now to play with optical illusions, although it is a thing of try and error but that makes u discover new things in building.

I also enjoyed myself very much in starting to build for and with others, in the beginning also a bit stressed, wld they like it, wld it be good enough. But I found out, it is a great thing to do.

So now waiting for the Clubs 2.0, and who knows what new features will make us create even more inspired things.


Thanks Pen, good luck everybody !!

nice work, beautiful

nice work Dusty I love it, long live the colours


happy happy Birthday both of u Sky sisters ^^

congratulations to all the winners. Long live creativity

very nice work Tannenbomber, u and yr friend did a wonderful job in crafting this ^^

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