Rosain promotes - suggarrhighh! 24

Watch Stream Badge runs, And i swear - ill make my 550 mr today


Another LL art featuring Lycia. my main. . . . can i have a chip?


an animator eh? well i kinda want to be an animator either... so... practice? yeah. .

to be honest. i really dont like how this turn out. . . if so, hated, why?. . its **really** sketch-y. color too de-saturated (ithink). un-fit atmosphere. wrong perspective?.. heck that's the main one. aagghh.. i like the frost one more.. least Junebug an

"whether you rule your army as 'that' Q'bthulhu puppet or you can rule the darkness as your own".

is le sketchy. . yaya!!. If i may ask what's the different between Glitch and Bug. :thinking:

这很尴尬。 我无法读懂你的话。 但来自印度尼西亚


if you're still sick, 008. be well soon okay.. there 's a lot of hugs and cakes available in Discord :3/. also happy cake day!!

We Driving, We Singing, We Sing Driving. why the neck's really long. what the heck, me. . .

ga juga sih. iy saya jga pke ny yg NA. . . kta ny emg server trove itu kya kentang. . .

nahh.. saya aktif kok :)

Its a Dino, its a Frog, ITS A CAPRICORN!!.. since i heard Deli *planning* on re-design her.. imma just inpetrate the way i did and hope she didn't mind :3/

the Incredible mod by Anibaal!!

Meanwhile. . i got demotivated while half of the work. "i wouldn't make it" "i think i should work on something else" i said. 3 hours remaining, motivation suddenly struck me like my grade on math. jk im good at math. not that good. but still good.

ohh... i will definitely make an art out of this. . . >:

Got no mean to participate. . . but got the jack to join the BOOT PARTEH!! \:D/

i am really glad you like it 008 :3. thanks for appreciating

Alright.. fine.. fine.. fine..!!

gift art number. . . (6?) bleh.. tadaa.

Really love your style. Nice Work!!

p.s. we may aint know each other but welcome back :)

because if i make the eye pop. the art will automatically turn into a Horror vibe.. :p

so much blue da ba dee da be da.. wish we have snow in here ;v;

Gib art number 5 >:3

Glad you like it Pasteis... :3

add to Wuti gallery of Pasteis. :3


Just another ordinary Inter-Dimension traveler that pass your world...


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