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not gonna miss a chance where i can put my Oc in the site. alas, im currently need some token to spend. i dont know if this allowed. just remove if it is. :pizza: 

Order has been declared, and we're going out of town. altho i can already assume something messy is going to happen.

this probably the darkest image ive ever made. . . literally

maybe things is not what it look like. . . 

Did i miss something. . i got a feeling i didnt put something in it . . or is it? :thinking: . . HBD Mau5 :cake:

hope i didnt make it too bright or miss interpetrate some detail, in anyway. . hope you like it Del :). thanks for being such an inspiration and very kind of motivator to others. im just really glad that i know you. once again thank you.

hope they dont mind with the non trove char . . i may break a lil rule for drawing my own char :) . thanks for WyvernWarrior for drawing the trove artist logo.. thanks Wyv. forgive me if i interpetrate them wrong. i may update this art with more artist ch

thanks for appreciating me. friend :)

forgot to draw the back thingy. so imma just draw a halo kind of thingy in her back..

(idk but imma just sing) We are young. . So let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun. :)

Sorry if this wasnt Trove-y enough. Sorry if this too messy. Sorry if the horses doesnt look like horses. And sorry if i ever hurt people with realizing it.. :v:

aye. (yes).

Back at it again boiii.. intense be epic. HUZZAH!! . . Happy Cakeday Pasteis.. have a great day o7

I literally have no idea:/. also, just learn aminu style :3. or am i? idk :thinking:

nah .. nah.. this is not an entry. is just doodle. i'll draw some epic scenery for the entry because it's my style :) . . . FAE-TEIS IS THE BEST TEIS!!


Kai. an "owo" has i "owo" u shall receive..

well.. i sure do love makin these two side by side :3c. expect more, nao?

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Another LL art featuring Lycia. my main. . . . can i have a chip?


an animator eh? well i kinda want to be an animator either... so... practice? yeah. .

to be honest. i really dont like how this turn out. . . if so, hated, why?. . its **really** sketch-y. color too de-saturated (ithink). un-fit atmosphere. wrong perspective?.. heck that's the main one. aagghh.. i like the frost one more.. least Junebug an

"whether you rule your army as 'that' Q'bthulhu puppet or you can rule the darkness as your own".


Just another ordinary Inter-Dimension traveler that pass your world...


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