To Everyone who can draw try and draw this!

Happy b-day bananaboms

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draw something. dont have to be ingame but dont photo shot (paste things you did not draw on to things you did or fice versa)

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I wish you good luck with your new career choice and would like to thank you for leading the trove team to make trove fun game!

Hi eteaw but what is the discord again?

Umm is like a paragraph count as a line...

  Their once was a little town called Antonbrass in the middle of nowhere. And in Antonbrass lived a happy bunch of mechanical people made of the fine brass and copper.

  Now these people where quite simple. For their creator, whom was a lonely watchmaker, made them soley to keep him company in his old age. 

  The little mechanical people loved to please their master, for the watchmaker had made them that way.

  They would put on plays or dance to a musical tune. They would sing, jump up and down, even tell the most corny jokes to see the old man smile.

  But amongst all these, the old watchmaker enjoyed anything related to llamas. Just something about them made him crack up!

  Mabey it was the way they walked or the way they talked.All the little brass people knew was that llamas would fill their master with joy!

 So for years, they made plays about llamas, songs about llamas, even a whole 500 page book filled with jokes only about llamas! 

  But as the years past by, the old soft hearted watchmaker got very ill and could no longer smile.

  The little brass people tried their best to make their master smile once more befor he died. But the poor man was too ill.

  So as the man took his last breaths, the little mechanical people, in their final attempt to please the watch maker, disassembled themselfs and started to reassemble themselfs in the form of a llama.

  The poor brass people were in agony as they pulled gears from their bodys and springs from their heads, yet they did not show it.

  Finally when every gear had been put in place the new brass llama started to dance.

  The Frail man was awestruck. He just stared at the mechanical llama move back and forth in an attempt to dance...then he giggled, then he giggled again but louder, and again, and again till He had an unstoppable laugh so loud that for a moment the old man was better again.

  Then slowly as he laughed he got softer and softer till he was silent. 

  The brass llama mourned his masters death and took on the name Antoine after the old forgotten town, Antonbrass, which was the home to the strongest bond between man and machine the world has ever known.


The Japanese symbols at the top spell ninja :)

I Did not choose the Pug life....

I can't draw real peeps to well.

Fianna Tiger lives within

I like drawing on the screen. So fun!!!


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Why is everyone doing LL quince lol

Good Job though!!!

Im trying to learn to draw like this



Happy Birthday Delicious!

Right now their is a 2 .5 chance of winning

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