A litle mod that change normal cursor to 20kPowerRankSigil


A simple mod that change Mouse Cursor to Minecraft Diamond Sword


A lite mod that change normal cursor to Ghost

it's not Attis, i just add this mod back because is a good mod and i add him and chrono as an editor, mod right now is not supported by anyone so if there is a bug or something wrong no one will fix it :/


A simple yet useful mod mostly for club leaders and officers. It adds a button that sorts the members in order with their last login time. It also adds highlighting for kicked / invited members for easier browsing as well as hiding the action buttons when they can't be used. Original creator Attis. No bug fixes will be made if bugs are found. Don't know why this mod got removed from Trovesaurus :/

I think this is worst event so far, reward is not equal to time you spent to complete the quest objective

the ugliest vfx for drop i ever see :P

Voted: Dracolyte

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