Aww, could you add uplodeable images so I can have my Hyena sub emote as a cursor? USCPresident Hyena sub emote  

Laughing Hyena Yo, that face style needs a new mod for my tongue! Hold on!!? Long lost twin! At last I found you! 

Laughing Hyena Hyena #1 "Goodluck plebs, I'm gonna win this"

What is the max amount of players you can add in the "Friends Settings" for the top of your friends list? If I was to add anything to this MOD it would be to make the friendslist UI just like when you press the "Y" key for the collections UI. A player could click images from Favorite Friends, Club members, PvP friends, Trade friends, modders, Ban, Stream viewers, Dev's, EXT.. The idea is over kill, but I rather share my ideas then say nothing at all. P.S. Thank you TheSymbol & ExoDave you guys went above and beyond to help me set this mod up live on stream /bow respect 


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