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This mod replaces the Yule log with a Cinnamon Roll.

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So this creation was inspired by Vitus's good looking yellow picture :)  It's a dice with the broken tooth and eye patch leaving one eye left the 1, 2 eyes with broken tooth a two and the top with all three a three.  I guess this would be a 1d3!

lol best I could do.

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On top of the Llama!

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Poem with spelling corrections.

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So far the only feedback on builds is to have the three main stats right now.  I do think a disclaimer on this saying that with HR rework that things could change but as it is right now, HR is poopie...


Shadow Hunter Build I use: (Farming build)

Hat: MH/CD or AS/MF/ CD or AS

Face: MH/CD or AS/CH/CD or AS

Ring: PD/MF

Weapon: PD/CH/CD/AS

I always use the SureStrike Emblem / Death Defying Vial / Martial Emblem

Cotton Candy for Ally

As for the layout I would just change the minor gems and combine them into 3 windows.  2 drop downs for the stats for Blue then Yellow then Red.  That way it will be more compact. 







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I first found this page while chatting with evil in the creators discord. I was dragonless and a total noob:). Every since then I've been doing contests and checking trovesaurus for updates on all things trove. 

It's the only art I can do... bad art :)

Wish this was a bad art contest... because that's what I got bad art!

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This pumpkin doesn't know he's eating himself :)


Just a old time gamer, been playing since forever, back to the days of Wizardary and Zork to Text based online games of years past.

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