It's not my fault that you could bypass it by buying back and loot collecting it again, I'm just doing what's within the parameters of the game without using any cheats.

There's a bug. In the extra quest you can bypass the (50) or (75) part if you buy back what you loot collected then loot it again, but it will get bugged and stop counting what you loot collect for the (100) part of the quest. It will get stuck at (0/100) and you will not be able to complete it anymore.
EDIT: Never mind,  just loot collect new stuff for the (100) part.


Yeah I kinda think that the shoulders were big at first, but when I trimmed it down it doesn't seem as bulky which what I was going for. I want a clunky bulky old school robot. Thanks for the input man liked your mods! ^^

This is already in the game code right? Did you just download the blueprint and rename the files?

I will make a version that replaces level 20 Vanguardian costume later, for now it only replaces the resistor costume. I'm sorry I'm a little busy at the moment.

PS: I love your VFX mods btw :)

Edit: Done!

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

Do you need to comment to be included in the roster?


Do you need to comment to be legible for the reward?

Wow favorite VG costume right now, love the helmet. A white version needs to be made ;)

Love this costume, simple yet awesome.

Great mod, I specially like the VFX. Can you make a VFX only version?

Can you list what the mod replaces.


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