Heh. Mom said toasters can't be cute..

Amazing !

Wow ! I love this simplistic style ! It also brings me nostalgia for some reason.

This is a photo of the Easter Bunny, who just found the legendary "Golden Egg"!

Lol so cute !

I am not drawing so well on PC so it took me over 6 hours :( At least can I hit one like ?

This took me alot of time

Cool ! You are the winner for sure ! This is great!

This is great ! Good job !

No description entered

Amazing like all your other uploaded art ! Keep up the good work ! :D

gj ! This is really great !


Good luck to all ! 0.08% chance ! :DDDDClover

For some unknown reason this reminds me of 'Black Clover" anime. Btw,pokemon008 , YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS !

I bet this took you alot of time. Your very good ! Keep up the good work !

That photo is just edited ! it's taken grom the internet ! Search TROVE blocktron dragon and it's the first image !


Can you just use edit in-game dragon photos as a valid contest entry ? I don't think so.

It took me a while to do this.

Nice ! Team Fortress 2 Refrence ! :) You got some talent !


Well, eh...h i don't know what to say. I'm the owner of a pretty old club but with no active members :/ Rareley play Trove. I will start playing more often when I finish school.


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