Effectively Using the In-Game Chat [Gamescom Guide]

August 20, 2015 by Celeress


Gonna be honest here, this is a guide about the chat system. This will by no means be some super guide packed full of info and pictures. It's gonna be short, this stuff is pretty simple. This info, however, isn't exactly readily available to you in-game so that's where this guide comes in. My goal here is to make sure you leave this page with a better understanding of the chat.


Let's learn the Basics

Trove's chat is all comprised of Chat Channels. There are a few you are automatically put in when you start the game and these are:

/1 [Global] and

/2 [World]

There is also /say (Or /s) that only sends a message out to very nearby players.

Chat Channels only hold 100 people at any given time which means "Global" isn't technically global. There can be hundreds of "Global" channels and there is no way to just simply switch which on you're put in. Talking in Global will send a message to everyone no matter where they are as long as they're part of the channel, thus the name "Global."

"World" is exclusive to the current world you're in. If you're in a novice world and talk in this channel, everyone in that same novice world will see your messages. If you switch worlds, you switch "World" channels. If there's someone in your world that you want to adventure with, it will probably be a good idea to switch to the "World" channel since they may not be in the same "Global" as you.



There is another commonly used channel called "Trade." By default, you are not put into this channel but there is an option in Escape > Settings > Social called "Join Trade." Checking this box will put you in the channel or just simply typing /join Trade. If you're looking to buy or sell things, this is the place. This isn't a Trading guide so I won't go into details about that but look for commonly used abbreviations like "WTB" (Want to Buy), "WTS" (Want to Sell), and the common item:flux ratio. If you see someone for example say, WTS Shapestone 3:1, this means they are selling 3 shapestone per flux. 1:3 would be 1 shpaestone for 3 flux and so on.

Common Abbreviations:

  • WTB - Want to Buy
  • WTS - Want to Sell
  • WTT - Want to Trade
  • LF - Looking for
  • PC - Price Check
  • Item:Price - Replaced with numbers; how people say their prices


All about Channels

You're given complete freedom to join/leave channels as you please. With this, you can "Create" channels with just you and your friends but keep in mind, all channels are PUBLIC and you can NOT lock them with some sort of password

/join [name] (Replace [name] with a channel name)

/leave [name]

With these commands, you can join and leave channels by just replacing "name" with a channel. You can put something crazy like My151SuperChannel1510851058 or something that probably has some good chances of never being discovered by other people except the ones you tell to /join My151SuperChannel blah blah blah.

Switching and Leaving Channels

When joining/creating a channel, a number will be assigned to it that can be seen before messages sent to that channel. 

You can type:

/[number] (Replace [number] with an actal number)

To type in this channel and

/leave [number]

to leave that channel to avoid having to type out My151SuperChannel........ again.


Club Chat

Each Club has it's own chat channel exclusive to the people in that club. These channels however, do not give you the option to leave them (Unless you leave the club). Each Club Channel you're a part of will be assigned a number just like normal channels except they come with a "c" in front of them for "Club."




and so on.. 

Just simply typing those commands will switch the Club Channel you're talking in. You can switch which club is set to which channel by opening up the Club Menu [P] and Dragging/Dropping the clubs to different spots. It's ordered from top to bottom, so "c1" is the club on the top of your list and "c5" is on the bottom.

Controlling your Chat

There are no "Channel Moderators" or anything of the sort so you can't kick/ban people from channels.. but you CAN ignore them!

You will most likely encounter some people that you may want to ignore. Spam is usually a pretty common sighting especially in the Trade channel and maybe you're like me and want to make the spam cease. You can type /ignore name to add a player to your ignore list or right click their name in the chat box to bring up a mini-window with a few options.

Right Click Window

Of these options, you can "Ignore" someone and/or "Report Spam" which ignores them and sends in a spam report of that player. Other options include "Whisper" and "Send Joinme Request" which is very useful in the Trade channel to quickly whisper someone or shoot them an invite


Shortcuts and Commands

Channels and Mini-window thing aside, these are some other things you may find useful.

  • Pressing [Enter] followed by the [Up]/[Down Arrow] will cycle through past messages
  • Message people with /w, /whisper, /tell or /t
  • Reply to PM's with /reply or /r
  • Type /dnd to toggle notifications from other players
  • Pressing [Enter] followed by [Tab] will cycle through people that you have messaged
  • You can mark yourself as offline by pressing [Esc] and going to Settings > Social                                                                                            


Colored Names

See someone in a fancy Golden name? Maybe their name is red? Don't get too excited, they're not devs! Just players. Devs have a Green name similar to the club chat green but a tad darker. You can receive a Gold name if you are currently at the max mastery and red names mean you were "Loved" by someone else using a Heart-a-phone.


Wrapping things up

 It's simple, I think you can agree. There's not much too it, the commands are all short and easy to remember. I personally am only in the basic channels plus club channels because 5 clubs can start to really clutter the chat. If you're interested, I'll include a list of other channels you might find useful:

  • /join price - For price checks
  • /join sa - For Shadow Arenas
  • /join recipe - For Recipe Lairs
  • /join sky - For Sky Realms/Giant Hunting
  • /join adventure - For general grouping up
  • /join fishing - Maybe join a Fishing Group?
  • /join challenge - Find a group for Challenges
  • /join club - Might find a club here

And for those multi-lingual readers interested:

  • /join espanol - Spanish channel!
  • /join francais - French channel!
  • /join portugues - Portugues channel!


And well, you get the idea. There are a lot of channels and the names are pretty simple but some may not be very populated. Try joining a few or experimenting with other channels that I might have missed! Remember that you can always just leave the channel at any time if your chat is starting to get cluttered.

Now that I'm done wrapping things up, this guide is over. I don't know what you're going to do after this but I know I can sleep soundly knowing that someone may have learned something new about the fiercesome beast we call our chat.

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