The Million Dollar Secret - How to: Maximize your Flux Income (Book 1)

August 16, 2015 by [Deleted User]

The winners way to millions


[Not an actual book]

 My shpelling m!ght n0t b3 yOUR flav0r.

 1.) Forget what you think you know. Listen


  • Whether your a hardcore 24/7 player, or the average joe with life contributions and limited time. If you are out to make money in online games you need to take it a step further than what is accepted and understand the details.

 - What is your goal? 

Are you an average player who just wants to enjoy the game, and experience the world that is Trove? 

        Then this is not for you.

 Making money the right way at times is not fun. Understand the focus and attention needed to get the best results.


 Efficiency: Make use of your'e time.

 Challenges occour once per hour 24 times a day, 168 times a week. 

 Using an estimation as example, our examples name will be Jim.

So Jim plays Trove 6 Hours a day, 5 days a week. Jims maximum potential in this time period for challenges would be to complete 30 every week, 120 every month, so lets say out of all of Jims play period he completes 4 challenges a 4/5 days that he plays per week. On average jim brings in between 2-4 Neon Dragon Cache's per challenge. 

The figure we will work with is '46'. Pulling 46 Cache's per week. 

Neon Dragon Cache Value 1 : 650-750 Flux 

  • Resulting in anywhere from 30-35K Flux give or take.
  • 40 Minutes of empty time every hour


 Fishing, Mining, & Events


Fishing is the most reliable method as it generates income steadily. You dont have to "search" for a fishing spot as you would a shadow arena and ores. 

- Rare fish can be sold for a very high amount of Flux.

- Fishing in 'Regular' water will result in you eventually catching Rare Ancient Fish.  

 When these fish are collected in the Loot Collector they will drop Ancient Scales.

Ancients scales can be sold for a market value of:

Low 400 F

High 600 F

If you run into players "Buying Ancient Scale" or "WTB Scales" Ect. Talk to them, influence them to pay your price. Look to convince people that they are getting a deal of out this some how, let them know they will benefit even if you are the only one turning profit.


Mining can be rewarding. Rare ores such as Infinium, Glacial/Flame Ect. Have a very good trade value as there are more playing using fishing and combat as a method of income that there are mining. People wont part from their ores as easily as you might think.

This opens up the opportunity for you to sell high. 


You cant buy an item with a 1:1 value for less more than the static price.

Ei:  WTB Infinium 1 : 05 (It simply doesnt work and is a bad item to merch)


Items with high values like Penta's, Souls, Hearts, ect. Are what you will be aiming to make the most profit from.

Here is where combat comes into play.


Combat Arena's / Dungeons & Events are very much RNG based. One day you can make a very slim profit, the next you can make hundreds of thousands. It is very dependant on the outcome of you're loot for the day. 

Penta's / Quad's / Thrice / Twice : Should be common words to you now.

[ *Note: Making Penta's is not worth it. You lose more than you gain. Reccomended to gain Penta's from boxes, trading, and salvaging loot that you did not put money into.

(This is optional, if you have the money & losing a few flux doesnt bother you, then dont worry.)  ]

So now that you have 3 general ideas on how you can bring income to use when merchanting, as well as making efficient use of your spare time it is reccomended to get your self to a point where you're sitting on about 40,000 - 100,000 Flux.

Which if we look at our processes doing ONLY challenges will get you about 35,000 / Week.

If you make use of your time who knows what your profit margin could be.





Youve made it. Your in the big leagues now.


Your going to need to get familiar with the market prices. 

Look at Trove's Marketplace on reddit. See what the common buy/sell price is for your particular item. Study these things, overtime you will get an understand of the overall value of items, and you will get a grasp of your limits on how you can make money on them.

Trove Market:



So, our friend Jim is back and he has made himself a set amount of 50,000 Flux.

He begins to merch in trade chat.

( /Join Trade)


While your Merchanting start fishing. Making income whilst making income.


Jim is going to be introduced to the 'Buy Low, Sell High' Concept.

*Note: You might be familiar with this.


PlayerX123: WTS 4 Dragon Coins 1: 3200 EA Pm


/w PlayerX123 I Buy 

/w PlayerX123 I Buy 

/w PlayerX123 I Buy

/w PlayerX123 Ill buy all right now 3000 EA. 

If he doesnt want it leave it immediatly. You lose nothing.

In this situation if you are buying or selling something continue to type in chat .

A good eye catching format for buying and selling for example:

= WTS = Item 1 : X = PM =


= SELL = Item 1: X = PM = 




The outcome is up to you, making money is a very active thing to commit to if you want to do it correctly. 

Im out of time folks. 

About to head off to work but I hope this first rendition of how to make money in online games has helped you. I will be continuing this series on this website ever so often. I dont want to flood anything but I also dont want to strain the players.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?


Contact Me:

Ingame: Sihxr

Twitter: @Sihxr 


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