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Welcome to Trove's chat guide plus chat commands. Easy to learn and remember. With tips, tricks, chat commands you can use and known bugs plus how to avoid or fix  them.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Classification of Chat Channels

Channels for your Needs

Tips, Tricks and Bugs

Chat Commands




Getting started


When you log in and launch Trove, the chatbox is automatically opened for you, so no worries in looking for the key to open it.


The chat is set to Channel 1 for Global Chat and Channel 2 for World Chat. Trade Chat will be automatically opened if you relog with it as ON in the settings or joined it in your last log in. If you have a club, the Club Chat will be in order the same in your list. (e.g. C1 for VoxelBusters, C2 for Old Boot)



Classifications of Chat Channels


Global - This is where you can chat with all the players in the game. All things said in Global chat will be in white color.


World - This chat channel is for the world to see. All players in the same world will be able to see your message. (e.g. Club world, uber world, shadow arena) The color for this chat is blue.


Vicinity Chat - This chat can only be seen by players from 40 blocks away from the the speaker. This can only be done with /say command. The main purpose for this feature is to message those who are around you only, hide your gold name (for max mastery players) avoid spamming the World Chat and limit the range of your message. This chat is white in color like the Global, but will put quotation marks to specify. (e.g. Knightlock says: "Hello, I'm a winner!")


Trade - This chat is made for those who wants to sell, buy or trade stuffs. This chat can be turned on with /join trade command or by checking join trade in the settings. Depending in your channel list, the Trade chat will change in color. If there is no other chat open other than Global and World, the color will be red.



Private Messages - This chat feature is meant for your eyes only. This can be done by /whisper (IGN), /w (IGN) command or by right clicking the player's name and clicking the Whisper button. Also depending in your channel's list, the Private Messages will differ in color, but is always the 1st unoccupied color in chat (except red). If there are no other chat opened other than the 1st three channels, the color will be purple.



Custom Chat Channels - This chat feature can be activated by /join (any word except global, world and trade). All players joined in the same channel will be able to see messages. If trade channel is not on, it will occupy the red color. If on, it will be in purple and private messages will be in gold.



Club Chat - This chat feature are for club members in the same club as yours. To enter Club chat, type /c1 up to /c5 depending on the club you want to message. Also depending in your club, the chat color will differ in different shades of green. Refer below.


C1. Knightlock: Hello Trove players!

C2. Knightlock: If you are reading this, you are learning more about Trove.

C3. Knightlock:  More guides about chat if you continue reading this!

C4. Knightlock: Tips and known bugs will also be said in this guide!

C5. Knightlock: Plus Chat commands for better experience.


Channels for your Needs


 Looking for channels that will help you with your Trove needs? Here's a list!

/join price Accesses the price chat for price checking.
/join trade Accesses the trade chat to set up trades with other players in the chatroom.
/join sa Accesses the Shadow Arena (SA) chat to look for groups fighting SA's.
/join sky Accesses the Sky channel to set up groups to farm the Sky Realm for Radiant Giants, Radiant Shards, and Crystallized Clouds.
/join recipe Accesses the Recipe chat to find people willing to share recipe lairs they have found with other players.
/join fishing Accesses the fishing chat to find people to fish with. This is useful for getting help catching rare fish.
/join adventure Accesses the adventure chat to find players and make groups to go out on adventures in Adventure Portals.
/join challenge Accesses to a big group that is doing the current challenge.
/join build  Accesses to a chat for builders. Useful to share your builds with other builders or to assemble a build team.
/join club  Accesses to the club chat which is great for club recruitment or if your looking to join a club.


If you want to leave these channels, you can type /leave (channel name or channel number).

If you want to see more channels, refer to this link. Trove Commands




Tips, Tricks and Bugs


Some abbreviations and Trove jargons you will encounter:

WTB : Want to buy (use this when you want to sell items)

WTS : Want to sell (use when selling your stuffs)

WTT : Want to trade (use when you want to swap your item to another)

PC : Price check (if you don't know the price of an item), may also mean the class Pirate Captain

LF : Looking for (maybe used when you are looking for something [e.g. Shadow Arena, Items, players])

SA : Shadow Arena


Tips for you guys


Are you just starting? Want to be friends with other players? Here. There isn't really a better way other than just chatting with them casually and not pestering them with begging. Other than that, not being a spammer in trade or global chat will gain you respect as player and not some random noob roaming about.

Are you a Max Mastery player? Want to keep a low profile? Here. If you want to avoid people friend requesting you because of your Gold name, but still want to communicate to the world, you can use these:

/say, /s command : Gold names turn to white with this command.

/whisper, /w command : Gold names becomes the color of your whisper chat.

Heart a phone : Your name will turn to bright red. Lovely.


Some known bugs in Chat

GlobalExperienced_Players Channel : This is a know bug in chat. This occupies a channel, but will not do anything and even if you leave this bugged channel, it will still occupy a channel space.

How to fix this? Answer : Exit the game then relog.


Backspace not working : There are times you think the erase button is not working. It's not. It's a common bug in chat.

How to fix this? Answer : Switch channels, if it doesn't work, switch worlds. If it still doesn't work, exit the game and relog.


Mouse bug : This is when you can move the mouse around when you are chatting. This bug was recently fixed, but some players may still experience this. This is acquired to chatting while world is loading.

How to fix this? Answer : Exit the game and relog.


 Auto select on your message : Recently known bug, this selects characters in the message you are typing without holding shift and arrow keys. Not much harm but is pretty annoying.

How to fix this? Answer : Exit the game and relog.




Chat Commands


Now this is the exciting part. Some actions in the game can't be done with any keys and can only be done with chat commands.


Try these for emotes!











Other utilities may be found here in this link since this the best guide for chat commands. Trove Commands



This guide is created not only for the sake of the Contest, but also for the players. Thanks for reading. :)



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