Craft this unique mount by flying to the far west of the hub, through a special portal to an old hub and then using a special crafting table.

For this recipe, you will need:

The Mount

Go West over Land

From the Hub, head West as far as you can go on land.

Go West over Sea

Once you are end of the land, fly as far as you can go over the Sea of Regret.

Landing on the water here will decrease your health until you die, however, if you need to reset your jumps you can pull out the boat on the way down and then jump up again.

Find the Portal

Just as you are reaching your limits you will see a cloud created of blocks with a portal on it.

Indicative position of the portal at max map zoom, with the hub land visible.

Enter the Portal

The Crafting Table

The table is in one of the houses, it is a toilet.

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such an epic expedition to craft a toilet

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