Character Stats

February 27, 2021 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew

Character Stats

Attack Speed Basic attack speed
Battle Factor Maximum number of battle boxes you can receive per week. Boxes drop randomly over time while in battle arenas.
Chaos Factor

Rewards one Chaos Chest for the first dungeons completed each day, up to the current amount of Chaos Factor.

Patron rewards an extra Chaos Chests per trigger.

"/chaosfactor" can be used to see remaining rewards.

Cooldown Speed Reduces cooldown time by {0}%
Critical Hit Chance for critical hit
Critical Damage Additional damage on a critical hit
Dark Used to reduce the Light
Energy Regen Energy regeneration over time
Experience Gain The amount of experience currently being earned. 100 is average.
Flask Capacity Maximum charges of Elysian Flask
Health Regen Health regeneration over time
Jump Number of jumps before landing
Lasermancy Power of the mining laser
Light Used to overcome Darkness
Magic Damage Attack power for magical classes
Magic Find Chance to increase the rarity of dropped equipment
Maximum Energy Total energy pool
Maximum Health Total health pool
Movement Speed Unmounted movement speed
Physical Damage Attack power for physical classes
Stability Reduces knockback when you are hit
Superstition Definitely might do something


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