Weekly Reset - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October 27, 2020 (updated 4 weeks ago) by Etaew

Hello folks, this week we're experimenting with a single news article and perhaps lessen some of our feed spam so we can condense our information. Let us know what you think about this format, and any other information we should include.


A quick attempt to summarise the information in a video, let us know if this is an easier way to display every week, or what you would like changed.

Weekly Bonuses and Rotations

Monday 26th (Yesterday)

  • Weekly Tomes, Challenge Delves and Leaderboards have reset
  • Fast Invasions (Weekly Bonus) is active
    • Increased rate of Shadow Invasions

Tuesday 27th (Today)

Friday 30th

  • It's possible for Luxion to visit as it's been two weeks since the last visit, but as we've seen him twice this month it is most likely next week he will appear.

Weekly Bonuses

  • Tuesday (Today): Delve Day
    • Double Crystal Drops, Double Shadow Shard Drops, Double Inert Geode Drops
  • Wednesday: Gem Day
    • Gem Upgrade Dust Cost Reduced by 10%, 25% Bonus Gem Box Drop Chance, Dungeons can drop up to 3 Lustrous Gem Boxes
  • Thursday: Adventure Day
    • Earn 50% more Adventurine, double chance to find Adventure Boxes, double chance to find Talismans
  • Friday: Dragon Day
    • 2x Dragon Coins from Challenges, 2x Lesser Dragon Caches from Challenges, 2x chance of finding Dragon Fragments
  • Saturday: XP Day
    • 50% more Adventure Experience, 50% more Club Experience, 50% more Arena Win Experience
  • Sunday: Loot Day
    • +100 Magic Find, double chance to find Flux Artifacts, increased Chaos Chest drop chance
  • Monday: Delve Day
    • Double Crystal drops, double Shadow Shard drops, double Inert Geode drops




  • Monday, November 2, Pinata God's Galleon art challenge
  • Monday, November 16, SkyTheVirus' Aquatic art challenge
  • November (sometime), Turkeytopia 2020 event and art challenge
  • (Sometime), Hubdate art challenge

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