Trovesaurus Development Updates - April 2020

August 2, 2020 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew

We continue our catchup for the Trovesaurus Development updates articles, here are the changes that we made to the Trovesaurus site during the month of April 2020. We've been a bit bad about posting the changes in article format during the past few months, but you can always view up to date changes in the #changes channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

Let us know what you think about these changes and if you have any suggestions for things you would like us to work on, write in the comments or in the #trovesaurus-website channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

Fan Art

The Fan Art pages were redesigned, with the priority being the art, it is the most important thing

  • The image is now the first thing on the page (unless you can edit the image, then its displayed under the image editor toolbar)
  • Moved the description and title/name / like to below the image
  • Moved the site header/category/id to the sidebar to the right
  • The formerly named "Relation to Trove" field, currently named "Description" has been renamed "Short Description", so it doesn't confuse you with the other description box which was meant for longer text, that has now been renamed "Longer Description"
  • Tweaked the appearance of entered / not entered status on challenges to make it more readable, having both as green was a bit hard to read

Art Tooltips:

  • Removed the title from the tooltip
  • Restored the preview image

Artist Announcements:

  • Modularised the box of recent art that we show on the Artists page so that it can be used with tags and elsewhere on the site
  • New tag for [artistbox=id_or_name] mostly for internal use
  • Condensed the artist box and featured the artist platform and country if selected
  • The announcement in the front page feed now uses the artistbox tag when announcing a new artist so that you can see some of their recent work (that is visible / not a build / not a screenshot / not colouring)

Art Tags:

  • Fixed an issue which wouldn't recognise you were entered into a challenge on the sidebar (you still were on the main list), if you manually entered the challenge by editing tags and used lowercase letters


  • Restored the ability to send tweets of your mod gifs, the limit is set at 5mb (twitter requirement)
  • Removed ability to schedule publishing of mods in advance
  • Added a new button for "Preview" next to "Publish". This displays a preview of the Discord and Twitter announcements so you can make sure it's as you want it.
  • Added descriptions to mod categories when browsing (lateeee)


  • We can now support Tweets using mp4 videos
  • MP4 videos will now be used for mod announces where gifs are > 2mb



  • Props field is now numeric to help avoid issues where commas for thousands were being entered by some users breaking counts


  • - Grouped some of the fields closer together, replaced the datetime-local input to datetime and date

For guide writers (and newsmakers) pages can now have sections and no longer need to be one huge long textbox

  • When viewing news/guide that you can edit you will see an Add Section button
  • Individual sections are editable and moveable with the Edit button and Up / Down buttons (limitations is that it will require a page reload once you save, so you cant edit two sections at once)
  • This feature is being tested for our upcoming Delves section
  • Text editors are no longer loaded all at once, only when the edit button is pressed
  • Saving edited text no longer requires a page reload and will update the title/text immediately
  • Various behind the scenes work for the dynamic loading and initialising of the text editor and buttons, and unloading so that you can press edit/cancel / edit/cancel etc and not break things
  • Added new option for each section, collapse: auto / never / always
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not processed when saving without a page reload


  • Cleaned up the nav menu slightly
  • Renamed Trion Staff to Trove Team
  • Added users who have special permissions to the Trovesaurus Staff section

Refer a Friend:

  • Added refer a friend codes back to the site on the homepage on the promotions section
  • Gold members codes will be listed, unless there are none, then 5 random people will


Collection - How to Obtain

  • Replaced the submit information request button with a more visual button, clicking on it will give you more of an explanation before you confirm.
  • Made it a little easier to submit new information for that field inline instead of having to navigate the full Submit Correction form.


  • Fixed the adventures importer to pick up names and descriptions properly
  • Imported the latest adventures
  • Cleaned up the adventures page a little, no longer an accordion but filter by type on the left


  • Removed the name of the item from the tooltip, added any Geode or Trove Mastery to the info shown
  • Re-added the backgrounds to the Geode and Trove Mastery information on the collection pages


  • Changed the formatting of the recipes and materials so that they don't look terrible and squished on mobiles

Individual Class Pages:

  • Removed the default calendar sidebar
  • Moved the class navigation to the left
  • Adjusted the appearance of the Class->Subclass page, fixed an issue where the subclass ability description was only visible to admins :(, also made the table less painful on mobiles
  • The Mod Info page was getting pretty long, so now the blueprints are collapsed under the variation and shouldn't be terrible on mobiles
  • The news page was getting pretty long, so the pages are now collapsed by tag, ordered by last posted, the information shown about the news has been reduced to icon / title / date and shouldn't be terrible on mobiles
  • The videos page was getting pretty long, so the videos are now paginated showing 15 per page
  • The forums tab makes use of the Related Forum Threads component update
  • The dev tracker tab makes use of the Dev Tracker Component update
  • The builds tab now orders builds by the number of likes

Item Stats: (mostly internal and prep work for delves)

  • Pre-baked stats can now be stored on styles and equipment (really only counts for equipment)
  • Stats can have multiple values per type based on rarity
  • The various adding / editing / removing work to go with this

Style Tooltips:

  • Changed the appearance, removed the large title and an attempt to load a picture, now displays the description, author and type


Home Page:

  • For the event pages list, when it relates to an art challenge it will display the date towards this


  • Removed the header section and added a smaller one to the sidebar
  • For an event, replaced the feed pages text list with an icon list similar to the front page
  • Removed the subpages for an event from the navbar on the left


  • Fixed an issue where item count for collections which point to items (companions/fish) didn't update their image count cache correctly. This should make the contributions task list cleaner


  • With the PTS command to /exportmetrics to a .txt file, we've added support to read, store and compare these stats on Trovesaurus
  • This is an early version and appearance and functionality may change as we learn how people use it


  • The updated date is only shown when it is after the publish date

Videos Component:

  • Can now make use of pagination where it is set up to do so

Related Forum Threads component

  • Results can now handle more than 25 posts and can use pagination where it is set up
  • A yellow * will appear next to threads that a developer has posted in

Dev Tracker Component

  • Posts that have a lot of text are now hidden behind a show button so that pages aren't super long to scroll if they are mentioned in patch notes
  • Results can now handle more than 25 posts and will use pagination where it is set up
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