Trovesaurus Development Updates - September 2019

October 1, 2019 by Etaew

Stay informed about the latest Trovesaurus site changes with our change log for this month below.


  • Equipment prefabs are now imported into the Styles database, these contain premade equipment like banners / crystal weapons
  • Adjusted the Placeable Items Importer to read contents of _interactive prefabs, this enables more player facing names and descriptions on sign content, placeable npc, and workbenches where available
  • The workbench recipes for created weapons now display correctly (crystal)
  • Recipes can now handle equipment created and used as materials
  • PTS page now has automatically generated tabs for Collections / Items / Strings / NPCs
  • NPCs can now be looked up via smart tags
  • Fixed an issue where looking up a Style by ID (including from links_ would partial match, even when there was a complete match available, now complete matches take priority
  • Recipes can now appear on more than one bench
  • Removed ability to report broken icons on collection/item/style pages, this is now generated automatically on an admin report for me to work through


  • News and Guides page now display full width
  • The dropdown arrow on the nav bar has been moved to after the word instead of before
  • Collections type filters have been moved to the sidebar to unclutter the top of the page
  • Mods subpages and filters have been moved to the sidebar to unclutter the top of the mods page, some categories expand when clicked
  • Mod Packs page has been moved to a tab on the Mods page
  • Gallery subpages and filters have been moved to the sidebar
  • Hid an empty button on the user profile for users who were logged in
  • Guides subpages and filters have been moved to the sidebar, also added proper pagination and a new popular guides tab
  • Search page now uses side navigation, removed the popular searches sidebar
  • The current active art challenge is now displayed at the top left of the gallery sidebar, added a challenges tab to list the ended challenges
  • Updated the Plushies page to add more of a description and better browesing
  • Updated the Events page to list the events in a more ocndensed list, clicking on the event takes you to the contents of that event page, leaving the tabs on the left remaining
  • Recipes page now displays benches on the left, removed ability to browse all recipes
  • Attempted to fix a few issues where adverts were inserting themselves into the site scaffolding breaking layout
  • News on the front page now displays tags and the header is displayed larger with some text preview
  • Added pagination to the Giveaways history page
  • Builds page now has a side navigation, the default view is now the most recent build submitted and the order of the class builds are sorted by likes
  • Adjusted the individual Club pages to be less ugly
  • Removed borders around User Characters style icons
  • User Profile pages right sidebar has been removed, the nav has been moved to the left sidebar, added more content to the profile home
  • The header and footer are now full width, the header is also now sticky


  • You can now change your Trovesaurus site username once per month instead of waiting for moderator approval, your previous names will be displayed on your profile
  • The Art Idea Generator has been replaced with our internal version, this adds a few extra filters and more suggestions including a random word
  • Events are now displayed in Today in Trove sidebar on the homepage
  • Added Event ending countdown and Daily countdown in red next to their respective images on Today in Trove
  • Weekly Reset information joins Today in Trove
  • Added a human check to the registration form, and a few more restrictions on email addresses and a hard IP limit
  • Released a Mod Ideas Generator, suggesting a theme and rig
  • Added an Images page so that newly updated images can be spotted, it can be accessed from the community navbar dropdown
  • Your Discord profile information including profile pic, status and last seen time is now displayed in your Connections area on your Profile
  • You can now report that your server is down on our status page for other Trovesaurus users to see
  • Notification + Mail counts are now displayed in the site title if more than 0
  • Updated the Gallery to load GIFs as MP4s, this makes them much much smaller filesize
  • Users with the Artist rank can now use the Large Uploader form which allows them to add much larger GIFs to the gallery


  • Drastically improved the page load speed of liked mods
  • If we have generated a full image of a model we will display it next to the Troxel box, even when there is no full model available
  • Increased the performance of the Giveaways stats pages
  • Dungeon links are now no longer unhandled in the internal link resolver
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