PS4 Compensation Care Package


April 27, 2018 by Trove Blog 1,152 1

Greetings PS4 Trovians!

We know there were a number of issues with the launch of Trove – Heroes on PS4 and we wanted to spread the word on how we’re making this right.

With fixes in place for the graphics issues, and a substantial reduction in crashes, we’ve sent every player on PS4 one of these compensation care packages.

Care Packages

Active Patrons (Active at any point during the 2 weeks following Trove – Heroes launch) will receive:

  • Kami of Playful Propensities mount
  • 50 Lesser Neon Caches
  • 50 Lesser Dragon Caches
  • 40 Chaos Chests
  • 6 Lustrous Gem Boxes
  • 15 Sentience Shards
  • 6 3-day patron passes (18 days total)

Non-Patrons will receive:

  • Kami of Playful Propensities mount
  • 30 Lesser Neon Caches
  • 30 Lesser Dragon Caches
  • 20 Chaos Chests
  • 3 Lustrous Gem Boxes
  • 10 Sentience Shards
  • 1x 3-day patron pass (3 days total)

Hop in, have fun, and thank you for all of your support!


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