Look for the Square Necessities!

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February 6, 2018 | Etaew | 725

Pick up a powerful pack of essentials that is a great way to load up on loot for both new and veteran Trovians! The Square Necessities Pack gives a gorgeous griffon mount, wondrous wings, adorable ally, a fancy framework, a selection of scintillating styles, along with a bunch of boosters, caches, chests, and pinatas!

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Jerhynn mount

Wings of the Worldwatcher


Trovian Trackerhound ally

Party Animal pinatas

Blocky Bonus

The Power Plower mount is a brand-new Blocky Bonus item available to collect in the Deals tab of the Trove Store for the PC, Xbox One, and for those with PlayStation Plus!

Wherever you wander, whenever you roam, you can always take the Square Necessities with you on your adventures!

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