Dragons in general

January 8, 2018 by Fulminius

Searching for a dragon guide? Looking for some fast and easy dragon coins? Searching some information about dragons? 

You are in the right place

First of all,what are dragons? Dragons are mystical creatures that you can get in trove from the Dragon crucible located in the Hub. There are various type of dragons:

  • Ancenstral Dragons
  • Legendary Dragons
  • Primordial Dragons

To craft a type of Dragon you need to open the Dragon Crucible and get the right items to craft it.

There are 7 Dragon that can be obtainable only through Dragon Souls, after using 100 of them.

But now let's talk about Dragon Coins, you can get them by doing hourly challenges that appear every hour in the high corner to the right of the screen, these challenges can be Coin Challenges, Racing Challenges, Dungeon Challenges, by completing this you will get 5 Dragon Coins one time a day and more Dragon Coins and Lesser Dragon Caches if you continue the Challenge and complete all stages.

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