Creating new stuff for Trove is one of the very cool things that make Trove that awesome. To highlight creations these are all new acceptances at the TroveCreations subReddit from last December. Moderation on TroveCreations is done by Stedms and Ylva.

Dungeons and lairs

Last December had no new accepted dungeons and/or Lairs.

Accepted Guns

H.A.R.M. Pistol for Cursed Vale

Typi-Tropical Sprayer [Gun] [For Jurassic Jungle]

The Tesla Charger

icky-ug-yr [Gun] [Jurassic Jungle]

Accepted Spears

[Spear] Lure Spear

[Spear] Sanctuary of Albairn

[Spear] Night Stalker's Spear (Shadow)

[Spear] Radiant Beam Spear

[Spear], Crystal Fork, Biom: Permafrost

[Spear] Molten tip (Dragonfire)

[Spear]Teeny Tiny Pterodactyl's Twig Jurassic Jungle

Accepted Staffs

[staff] Cybernetic Capacitor, Neon City

Accepted Masks

[Mask] Mask Of Madness

Accepted Hairstyles

[Hair] Voluminous Mermaid

Accepted Decorations

[Deco] Thallasion Wall Trophy

[Deco] Elysia Statue

Singed Server

Want to create stuff yourself?

If you're interested and want to create stuff for Trove, head over to the TroveCreations Subreddit and start reading the Beginners Guide.


Above styles are all accepted on the TroveCreations subreddit. This doesn't mean they will be in-game on the next patch. Putting them in-game still requires development time.

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